Monday, December 26, 2005


Hi again, sorry for all this absence but I was so busy because my mother is sick( Breast Cancer) and my aunt too so they were have under treatment and because of the collage...
I miss your comments and opinions about the situation in Iraq so I come back again to discuss the situation in Iraq after the vote on Consititution and Election , the progress in the democracy process and the primary results of the election...

The Iraqian people approve thier self three times during this year... The first one was in the first election in January 2005 and in the vote on Consititution in October,15,2005 and finally in the last election in December, 15 , 2005 .... They choose the persons that they think they are good for leading the Iraq in the next four years......
There was cheating in the last election and there were many errors but no one try to solve the problem or try to know the causes of these errors ....
I was hoping that Dr. Alawi may take a large number of voters but because of the cheating Dr. Alawi took less than theDesired
The situation in Iraq after Election is too bad and cant be hold, its the hell exactly, the explosions are every where and everytimeand you dont know your enemy or the terrorists ......
The most important winners in the election are :
1st: U.I.A. 132 seats
2nd Tawafok Aliraqia 57 seats
3rd Kurds Alliance List 47 seats
4th Iraqi National List 25 seats
And in my next blog I will discuss each party or list separtly
Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2006 Santa's Cookies
May all wishes come true and amy God help Iraq to have a new life in the new year
Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq Iraq

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