Wednesday, July 20, 2005


What is going on in Iraq these days,these weeks,the last two years,the death became a common thing in Iraqian people live and the explosions and terror attacks getting increase day after day and week after week and the number of the innocent people killed is getting increase every minute.
The Iraq was governed by three governements since the invasion in March,2003,these three government didnt offer to Iraqian people anything that may will benfit from it!!!!!
The water is rarely absence and the electric power was forgotten and these days the supply of the power is by 6 hours off and 1 hour on,that mean only 4 hours form total 24 the power is on in Baghdad the capital!!!!!!!!!!.
I sustained the responsibility of all thevents in Iraq to the terrorists but also the government sustain some of these attacksa because there is a leakage in the government and the governemnt gave the promises onl without any action to prove his progarms......
Today all Iraqian poeple in whole country stans for 3 minutes mourning for the victims of the last two attacks in Almusaib and Baghdad and this thing is the least thing done to those people ....God bless thier families and relatives and frineds for thier loss...
I want Iraq to be the first in everything and we must stop the blood bath in Iraq and work as one hand to defeat the terrorists in Iraq and to start treating this injured country by start the construction and building ......
My friend start blogging in a new blog and need some encouragement to keep on blogging...


Anonymous Allahuakbar said...

It's clear that these attacks are not perpetrated by the resistance, but by cia and mossad agents. Behind these attacks there is the global zionism. The real Moqawama al-Iraqiya target only the crusaders and their puppets. However, enjoy this webpage ( with me: there is a collection of some of the wounded ameriki soldiers in Iraq, and they suffer every sort of injury. It's slow to load, but it worth to be seen. This is the covered end of the enemy of Allah.

22/7/05 9:57 AM  
Blogger Black Eagle said...

My comment is an answer to the comment of that person which named him self (ALLAHUAKBAR)...
if you ahve the courage told me your name and where r u lived and what r your occupation to know what kind of people r u?
and also to discuus with you the situtatin in Iraq me and you only in private if so send you email to me as a comment to see who r u?

23/7/05 5:33 AM  
Anonymous Allahuakbar said...

What do you care of my name, my life, my occupation? Allahuakbar isn't my name, it's only an affirmation. If you are a real Iraqi you'll enjoy the Iraqi Resistance and their actions... But you are a really Iraqi? You write like an American.
However, enjoy this webpage with me:


A collection of resistance videos made by English peacifist.

23/7/05 8:35 AM  
Blogger davenue said...

Saleem, I hadn't checked your blog in a long time, because you were gone. Glad to see you are back.

It is hard to beleive that some people think the Cia and Mossad are behind this.

23/7/05 9:48 AM  
Anonymous Allahuakbar said...

I'm back, Black Eagle. Read about the despaired U.S. soldiers on:


I want to know by you if you ever have witnessed resistance attacks.

28/7/05 10:10 AM  
Anonymous shannonblogs said...

The cause of Islamic terrorism is not the quest for social justice. It is not freedom for a specific group of subjugated people. The goal of Islamic terrorism - ultimately - is to bring the whole world into subjection to their version of fundamentalist Islam. No amount of appeasement will stop them. They do not want peace unless it comes with the world's submission to their perverted version of Islam.

30/7/05 12:11 PM  
Blogger stretchism said...

What a lovely bunch of coconuts.

For more Iraq news, and tidbits from the world, go here.

10/8/05 6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1/10/05 3:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come and check it out if you get the time 8-)

1/10/05 6:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keydra said....

Bush is using Osama as is scapegoat to take over Iraq. The really reason we are war is unknown but if the war continue we may not live to find out.

17/5/06 11:27 AM  

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