Monday, July 04, 2005


Egypt's top envoy to post-Saddam Hussein Iraq was kidnapped in Baghdad just weeks after arriving in the war-torn country, Egyptian diplomats said Sunday. Two diplomats, speaking in Cairo and Baghdad on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said Ihab al-Sherif was kidnapped late Saturday in the Iraqi capital. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed the diplomat was missing and said "contacts are underway with the Iraqi government and all other sides to clear up the truth about the disappearance of ambassador Ihab al-Sherif." Al-Sherif, 51, was taken Saturday night by about eight gunmen after he stopped to buy a newspaper in western Baghdad, witnesses said. He was pistol-whipped and forced into the trunk of a car as the assailants shouted that he was an "American spy," the witnesses said. The abduction is an apparent bid to discourage the country's Arab neighbors from bolstering ties to the embattled U.S.-backed government.
The series of kidnapping didnt stop in Iraq and I think it will continue till the presence of strong Government that can spread the peace in all around the country....
The news also told that this diplomate was a top envoy in Esrael!!!!!!!,and he will try to make an agreement between Iraq and Esrael.......

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