Sunday, June 12, 2005


Yesterday I finish my final exams and my holiday starts but you cant go anywhere because of the OPERATION LIGHTENING that took place in Baghdad and the surrounded area of Baghdad....
This operation was useful to the capital by capturing more than 900 suspected person and killed more than 36 terrorists and decrease the percentage of the bombed cars in Baghdad from 6 cars in day to 0.6 at day but more than 900 person killed in Iraq during the last month and this number is the more since the end of the war in april 2003 .....
From those 900 only 200 policemen and memebers of the new army and the others were in the wrong time and wrong place ,were innocent people killed by the mistake from the army members or from the terroist attacks....

Before three days my friend was killed by th US army because the driver of the car didnt respond to the alerts of the soldiers or didnt notice thier alerts an he have 20 years old....
My friend was hating the terroists and he was gratefull to theUS army because they safe Iraq form Saddam and he was wish to live in peacefull invironment and before he was returing home me and him were talking about the terrorists attacks and how we must be carefull and the result taht he was kille dby the US army and my friend is the second one that have been killed by the US army casue the first one was killed on road joining Baghdad By Baquaba before two years ago...............

My GOD help Iraq to pass this critical situation to start building the new Iraq after defeating the terrorists .....

I have another site contain some picture form the last war ,those picture I downloaded them from:
my site is :


Blogger meg said...

As an American and one who wishes the best for all of the good Iraqis, I hope you understand that the American soldiers are there to help Iraqis and not hurt anyone intentionally. I truly feel that we are in Iraq to help the Iraqis in forming a free Iraq.
In the end, I feel all of the good people will prevail over evil.
Good luck to you and your family and friends.

13/6/05 6:34 PM  
Blogger Fayrouz said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend. I pray for your safety.

Keep up the high spirit.

15/6/05 1:59 PM  
Anonymous Mary from D.C. said...

My heartfelt sorrow for the loss of your friend. It is so sad when such a promising life is snuffed out.

15/6/05 2:45 PM  

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