Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Hi again and very sorry for all this absence and not being in touch all this time because I was very busy because I didnt return back from my college until the 16:00 and I dont have the enough time to go to Internet.
Yesterday a bombed car exploded near our college(about 50 meters from our college) at 8:35 a.m.
4 people injured and about ten cars destroyed by the explosion and many people take a pictures to the bombed cars and when Ferid was taking a picture, one of the policmen arrested him because he was taking a picture to blast site and our Dean and secuirty men of our college go to the policmen to let him go away and told them that Ferid is innocent but the policmen insist to take Ferid to the police station to invistage with him, but today I knew that they let him go away after finshing the invistegation with him in the afternoon,what a bad chance to this guy.
Today was the first meeting of the members of the National Assembly in the presence of all the members of the assembly and the it was a protocol conference because the the winners didnt deal about the shape of the new government.
The next days will witness another meetings to start decide the law of the Iraqi government.
Thank you.


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