Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Now we can talk about the new born of Iraq after the great victory in the election before few days.
Now we can talk about the rebuilding and reconstruction of Iraq & we can talk also about the future of Iraq and when must set the date for leaving the (Multiple Identity Forces).
The Iraq passes the hardest level in the game, but still have some problems
And as I think these problems easily resolved by the unity and courageous of Iraqi people.

These days Iraq witness many violnace attacks against policemens and members of the new army but all this attacks will not give any success for the terrorists in Iraq because Iraq pass the most difficult stage which was the elction and succeed in this exam with high degree of courageous and patience.
I am very happy because it passes peacefully but also sad on the people that died in the battle from the invasion till nowaday,may God bless every one died for this country.
i will write aout the final results of election but until now the UAI is first of all then the list od the vice president(The Iraqi list) then the others after it.
thank you .
I am sorry for all this absence but I am little busy these days and there is no internet conecton available, so please forgive me and thank you again.


Blogger membrain said...

Thanks for posting. I'm keenly interested in a succesful democracy taking root in Iraq. I'm with you in that I believe the brave Iraqi people will defeat the terrorists and build the new Iraq on their own terms. Best wishes to you and all Iraqis who want to be free.

8/2/05 9:44 AM  
Blogger MonicaR said...

Saleem the election went very well and the courageous Iraqi showed the world what they are made of. We were filled with pride and happiness to see how strong you are.

We mourn the deaths of the innocent people who are being murdered only because they wanted to build a free and strong Iraq. We are angry about it - very angry at the terrorists. The people who have died gave their all for the freedom and safety of others. It is no small thing. They have a special honored place in our hearts in America along with the coalition soldiers who have done the same. The terrorists have a special place as well - a place that is not pretty or comfortable and could be said to be damnably painful.

Keep fighting for the freedom of future generations in your country. It is something truly precious to pass down to your children. Make sure they remember it is the precious blood of the people who died who bought it for them.

8/2/05 10:06 PM  

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