Tuesday, February 01, 2005


30 January ,2005 the braves of Iraq vote in the first Democarcy experiment in the middle east I cant describe the scene of the the large numbe4r of people that were eager to go and vote in these election without any difference in the dectrine or caste between any person in all Iraq.
The percentage of particepating was over the anticipations in all tense regions in the west and north of Iraq and in Baghdad inspite of all the explsoins that we were hear all the days before and in the day of election but the Iraqi people insist to go and vote to defeat the terroroists the enemy of peace and democarcy in Iraq but they loss this battle of foiling the election and begin to loss there war in Iraq due to resolve and brave of the Iraqi people that any one in this world have the same courage .
I wish you were here in Iraq in the election day to see the future of Iraq hold by the courageous of those people and I was sure that the good days are very near and the Iraqi people decide their futre and defeat all the evil power that are work to stop the heifer of progress in Iraq but they were in fault because they choose the wrong country and wrong people ,I'm very glad because I was having the chance to participate in these elections and vote to build a new Iraq and amke a new future for this country that have witness many troubles since hundreds of years .
The success of the election was acheived by many factors :
First: the courageous of the Iraqi people.
Second: the courageous of the security menincluding (ING,policemen,members of new army).
Third:the prepartion of the Higher commission of election.
Fourth: the assistant of the Us army and all the government that support Iraq.

Every one is surprised from the percentage of voters that have been showed up in the primery results was more than 60% in all Iraq and more than 50 % in every voting station from the total number of people that have the rigth to vote.
These elections witness some violence works which was made to terrify the voters, to prevent them from voting because 9 suicidal operations on 9 voting stations in Baghdad and a bombed car in Baghdad also ,many Mortar shells have been dropped in diffferent places in Iraq and the number of the victims that went down in these attack was 36 persons ,6 people were from the security and the others were civilianshave been killed and more than 97 persons have been injured, msot of them were civilians.
These elections were a great victory in the history of Iraq against the terrorists and shows the unity of Iraqi people in the crisis to defeat the enemy,now we must work hard to treat the wounded Iraq and begin the reconsruction because we have much work to do.
I would like to thanx every one participate in the prepartion for this election,every one go and vote in this election,the Government that provide the democracy environmet,to all the members of the new army and policemenand ING members in association withUS troops that they work hard to prevent any terror attacks.



Blogger Lisa, New York said...

Congratulations to you and all Iraqis. You all showed the terrorists what you are made of. They warned of "rivers of blood" if you dared to exercise your right to vote but you proved them wrong. Oh, sure they sent a few pathetic souls out to blow themselves up in order to kill some Iraqis who simply wanted to vote. Sadly, some brave Iraqis lost their lives. But the terrorists showed their complete lack of relevance. If that's the best they could do, it was not nearly enough to scare Iraqis. The terrorists showed their bark is worse than their bite. They are a small group intent on destroying the future of Iraq but today Iraqis showed that the terrorists will not win.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to the New Iraq!!

1/2/05 5:22 PM  
Blogger strykeraunt said...

I could not be there physically, but my heart was there the whole day (and the next, and next). While I felt in my heart that the Iraqi people would shock the world, it was such a relief of tension to discover just how right my instincts were. Here it is two days later and it still makes me emotional.

Congratulations!! All Iraqis who chose freedom and democracy over tyranny need to be very proud of their accomplishments.

I too want to thank all who you thanked in your post. It was the joint effort of all that made this election such a success. If one or two the these important elements were missing we might not be celebrating so much today.

1/2/05 7:14 PM  
Blogger davenue said...

The pictures we saw from Iraq were inspiring. I have heard many Americans complain that the Iraqis were not "helping themselves" enough before these elections. They certainly showed the whole world that they are ready to take the risks that will be required. Someone on the news used Winston Churchill's quote that perhaps this was "the end of the beginning." I hope they were correct, and that Iraq can move quickly now to a more stable society. Once the insurgency is slowed, the reconstruction can accelerate.

2/2/05 7:58 AM  
Blogger membrain said...

To be honest I had anticipated a larger than expected turnout because I have been reading Iraqi blogs and from them have come to know the spirit of the Iraqi people. It was a great day in history, for Iraq, for America, for the Middle East and for the Free World.

2/2/05 8:50 AM  
Blogger Mister Ghost said...

I bet the spirit of your father was smiling
down from above as your family and you went
off to vote. To freedom.

2/2/05 9:29 AM  
Blogger Zipcard2 said...

Congrats on a wonderful day! The world is proud of the courage of you and the others who voted. This was a day that made history. Blessings to you all. Thank you for not letting anyone die in vain.

3/2/05 1:49 AM  
Blogger Mike O said...

It was a great election, especially since the majority of the security and activity had an Iraqi face. Nice to have our troops mainly in the background, providing just the first ring of protection. Many acts of heroism on that day, all from Iraqis either voting or protecting. It was a shining moment for the entire nation!

3/2/05 10:24 AM  

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