Sunday, January 02, 2005


Before Three days we were in the year "2004" & this year was very long in the Iraqian life because this year witness many terror attacks either on civilain targets or military bases and or police stations and in this year many innocent peoples have been killedin explosions caused by mines and bombed cars and other causes are much more.
To me .this year was very very sad year in my life because I lost my dear Fatherthat was died because of heart attack"this cause is now common because of these bad situation and this cause increased in high percentage in the last five years".Me and my family met the Christmas and the new year with half-heartedly and sadness because of the missing of the important person in the family.
My father was a great man,very cultured and spent "32" years in teaching the students of high schools and he was on of the members of the "IRAQI COMMUNIST PARTY" & was arrested many times because he was writing in the journal of the PARTY and he was owning a great library filled with large number of different books with different subjects from the political,novels of famous writers,the stories about the world war 1&2 and others more......
I write about my father because he was great thinker and good man and all our neghbours were come him and asked him about general information and about the political situation so I promise my self to write and talk about him in every where and every place.
God blessed you my great father.....My life without you is of no value because you were the raeson of life to me but I will try elevate your name and walk on your avenue.


Blogger Papa Ray said...

Greetings, I wish you and yours a very good and safe New Year.

I appears that you loved and respected your father very much. That is the way it should be. He would want you to pass on his love and his hopes and dreams to your children. He would want you to work as hard as he did for a better tomorrow for your family and your country.

In these ways, the ways of your strong, respected Father, you will be able to live a long life helping others.

I believe that the strenght and courage of the father is passed to his children. I believe the courage and compassion of the mother is passed to her children.

The family is the roots of a community, the communities are the roots of the nation.

Bear your responsibilities and your fathers hopes and wishes equally. Have a long and prosperous life helping everyone you can and you will be as respected and loved as your Father is.

This is my post

Papa Ray
West Texas

2/1/05 6:42 PM  
Blogger Louise said...

Saleem, your description of your father reminds me of my ex's father. The old man is in his mid-nineties and has seen much war and revolution in his days, most of it leading to a worsening situation in Iraq; not really very revolutionary. The old fellow was fluent in seven languages, and like you father, was very interested in the world. When I think of Iraq's future it is men like him and you father that I imagine. I am convinced that given the right sort of leadership and conviction, your country can once again produce learned men (and women) of the world like these two old gentlemen.

3/1/05 3:42 AM  
Blogger membrain said...

Saleem, This is the first day I've visted your blog. I'm very sorry for your loss of your father. You honour him well. Thanks for posting. I'm praying for freedom in Iraq. I believe it will come.

7/1/05 1:17 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

May God's Mercy envelope you and comfort you during this very trying time. We are all hoping and praying for a free Iraq.

7/1/05 1:27 PM  
Blogger Fayrouz said...


Happy New Year.

Always remember that your father will stay alive in your heart.

Stay safe.

7/1/05 2:31 PM  
Blogger Pat in NC said...

I am quite certain that you will do your father's memory honor. as you emulate him, you to will be loved and respected by your family and countrymen. I have such great hopes for Iraq as I have met many of you through the blogs. I lost my father many years ago but the memories of him and his integrity will never leave me. May 2005 bring you happiness and peace in your land. May God bless you with good leaders whose sole purpose is to do what is right for the people.

9/1/05 4:12 PM  

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