Sunday, January 09, 2005


The governor of the Baghdad region, known for cooperating closely with American troops, was assassinated along with six bodyguards as he drove to work Tuesday in yet another bloody day of insurgent attacks that exposed grave security flaws in Iraq with elections less than a month away.
The militant group of Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Al Qaeda in Iraq, claimed responsibility for killing Gov. Ali al-Haidari and his bodyguards, according to a statement posted on a Web site known for carrying such claims.
"We tell every traitor and supporter of the Jews and Christians that this is your fate," the statement said. Its authenticity could not immediately be verified. Al-Haidari's three-vehicle convoy was passing through Baghdad's northern neighborhood of Hurriyah when gunmen opened fire, said the chief of his security detail, who asked to be identified only as Maj. Mazen. "They came from different directions and opened fire at us," Mazen said, reached on al-Haidari's cell phone. Al-Haidari was the target of an assassination attempt last year that killed two of his bodyguards. He is the highest-ranking Iraqi official killed since the former president of the now defunct Governing Council — Abdel-Zahraa Othman, better known as Izzadine Saleem — was assassinated in May. Al-Haidari worked closely with the U.S.-led multinational forces on rebuilding the capital. In an interview published Tuesday in al-Mutamar newspaper, he said infrastructure in Baghdad was improving because of cooperation between his office and the troops.
Other assaults Tuesday killed five American troops as well as 10 Iraqi commandos, bringing the death toll in the last three days to more than 70.
A group called the Islamic Fury Brigades released video that shows a bomber loading a van with explosives and attacking a convoy of western contractors.
Despite the violence, which U.S. troops and Iraqi security forces have been helpless to prevent, American and Iraqi leaders insist the Jan. 30 vote would go forward.
"As we approach Election Day, terrorists increase their savagery," said Iraqi minister of security Kasim Dawoud. "They will try to stop the process, but we won't allow them."

I took some of this news from some of news sites that talked about the assassination of the Baghdad governor Mr. Ali al-Haidari in Baghdad.

When I was paging and in the search about the terrorist attacks in iraq I found an exciting site about the news of Iraqand this site belong to CBS NEWS.

the site of" target="_blank">

Go to the title of Iraq and you will see every thing about Iraq form the invasion till today.

in this link you ll see some picture about the attacks and the normal life in Iraq after Saddam target="_blank">

post war on Iraq.

Thank you.


Blogger Exadios said...

"...American and Iraqi leaders insist the Jan. 30 vote would go forward": And you Saleem? Do you thing that they should go forward or be delayed?

13/1/05 4:07 AM  
Blogger Papa Ray said...

Here is where to find out what is going on in Iraq. Its published in Iraq. It even has color pictures.

Its called The Scimitar

Papa Ray
West Texas

17/1/05 9:20 PM  

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