Tuesday, December 07, 2004


hi again to share some of Iraqi news and I am these days very busy because of term exams.
The remaining time for the Elections is less than 2 months but these two months will be very long in the Iraqian and soldiers life because these days will witness terroristic worksagainst voting centre ,police stations,police ,ING,Alliance patrols in whole Iraq trying to obstruct this democratic event.
The attack on police station in the west of Baghdad before few days & kill more than 16 cops and injured more than 20 another and releasing about 50 of the prisoners was the begining following it in the next day another attack on another police station and on the Green Zone with bombed car aimed these two places in different times and the attacks will be continous until the date of Elections .Inspite of this most of Iraqis peoples are waiting for the Elections & prticulary the (SHEA'A) ,they are waiting for the Elections because they will be the winners in this Elections .In this voting they will put an end to the terroristics attacks in Iraq and star in curing and building the wounded Iraq & stop this river of blood of innocent Iraqis.In the other side the (KURDS) are with the delaying of the Elections if they were be delayed and with the establising ofElectins in their exact time to ensure their future and decide the identity of (KIRKUK).The (SENNA) are completley against the Elections and they are requesting for delaying the Elections and now most of (SENNA) aggregations and parties requesting to delaing the Elections and their reason is that Iraq is under the power of the Invader and the absence of safety situation.
The other minorities (the christian,Turkuman,Yezedian,Sabea'a and others )have no great effect on the running of the Elections because they are act (7%) of the total of Iraq .delaying of the Elections will give the Terroristsa big chance to rearrange their selfes, aggregating and rearming and take a rest and put a new planes to delay the Elections again.As I think the Elections will be made at the exact date and this will be considered as a great victory upon theterrorsits and a bridge to pass to other side where the Progress and prosperity for Iraq are achieved .but my God help us to stay alive until the Elections.
Thank you .


Blogger Diogenes Of Pumpkintown said...

Do you really think the Insurgency is going to just suddenly stop when the "elections" happen?

7/12/04 6:04 AM  
Blogger Mister Ghost said...

Keep the faith and make your vote count.
Things will improve in Iraq over time
and the terrorists will be defeated.
But it's going to take time. Good luck
with your exams.

7/12/04 8:08 AM  
Blogger Scott Slanda said...

Good luck on your exams.
And bless you for your courage; this will be a long and dangerous transition, but I pray Iraqis will not lose their resolve to create a civil society.

As for Diogenes Of Pumpkintown's comment:
If elections are postponed because of violence, we send a message to the terrorists that they can, well, postpone elections by fomenting violence. And this will simply breed more violence.
You expropriate the name of a great Greek thinker, but don't seem very good at what seems to me a very obvious analysis.

7/12/04 9:24 AM  
Blogger TallDave said...

Elections will certainly undermine the insurgents. Historically, this has always been true. El Salvador is the most recent example that comes to mind.

7/12/04 2:42 PM  
Blogger Dennis said...

Take heart, brother! Those who would rule your people with fear and murder are now the ones who are afraid. They are afraid that the Iraqi people will decide who their leaders will be and that they will choose men who know that life, liberty, and happiness are given to all men to enjoy.......no matter who they worship as their god.

Those things are not given to us by our government, but rather are demanded by those who seek justice and fair treatment from those who would govern.

Saddam and his henchmen seek to regain their power by the same tactics of fear and repression that are ALWAYS the methods of those who fear truth and justice.

As for the bozos who think it necessary to point out that they are anti-war, I find your condescension repugnant.

EVERYONE is anti-war!

You might as well say that you are anti-tax. Even though few people enjoy giving their money to the government as taxes, nearly all will admit that they enjoy the benefits of those taxes.........just as you, sir, now enjoy the freedoms that were gained for you by WAR.

Sorry, but liberal pinheads try my patience.

Carry on,

8/12/04 11:36 AM  
Blogger MonicaR said...

I agree that the elections must take place as planned. Of course the 'insurgents' - I prefer the term TERRORISTS - will not magically stop when elections occur. This battle will go to the end like it or not. Slowing or backing down at this point is not the correct strategy. Keep hammering away and don't let anything stop you until victory is achieved.

12/12/04 8:45 PM  

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