Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Hello again into share some of Iraqi news .
forgive me in not blogging all this time because we dont have Electric power from weeks ago or it come 2 hours for every 24 hours .All Baghdad suffer from the same situation , and worse because of there is no fuel to cars,no petrol for heaters , no liquid Gas for cooking !!!!!!!
The queue of the cars to refuel is extend for large distance may to 3-4 kilometers and the drivers may be wait for 10-15 hours to refuel !!!!!!!!!!!!!.
The Iraqi peoples these days are very nervous and tense to any problem with or wihtout reason because of this wretch situation and miserable living.
The Iraqis are very patient and they were always suffer from Gelding ,injustice and oppressing in the past and now they are suffer from deficiency in every thing form thier fortune and inspite of Iraq is the first in the provision of petrol but Iraqipeoples suffer from deficiency in fuel dervatives .
The General situation in Baghdad is bad and near our college which lie in Haifa street and every days battles take place in this street during our time of study and the explosions are very near toour college and in nigth the streets became empty about the 8:00 P.M.!!!!!!!!
May GOD help this country to have happy life and beautifull days because he pestilent


Blogger davenue said...

Hope you did well on your exams.

I can't imagine trying to study with all of the mayhem surrounding you.

Is there some plan for improving the fuel situation?

16/12/04 11:55 AM  
Blogger JJ said...

It sounds like things are getting worse, not better. I hope this is a short term problem. My guess is that things will get better after the elections next month. The US is doing everything it can to insure that your country has a fair and true election. The situation is not as bad in southern Iraq or in northern Iraq but Baghdad is the center of the universe as far as many Iraqies are concerned (and US citizens too for that matter. If it is bad in Baghdad then people feel its bad all over the country.

Regarding the elections, you can pretty well bet that the terrorists and foreign fighters will increase their bombings and killings of innocent Iraqies trying to scare loyal true Iraqi citizens away from the polling centers. They know that if the elections are sucessful then that will be the end of them. The Shiia will probably win a majority of the seats in the assembly and with that they should be able to organize thier people to help eliminate these butchers.

Good luck to you and good luck to Iraq. May God smile on you both.

17/12/04 7:37 PM  
Blogger Brian H said...

I remember you. Blech.

The Shia in the south have elected ZERO sectarian town councils, despite the pleas and orders of the mullahs. They've had it with that crap. They vote for competence and people who do not covertly promise to bring back the Good Old Days of autocracy under their own banner. They now know in their bones that dictatorship kills, by the millions.

A college? On Haifa street? That's like having a picnic in the middle of a freeway. You must be in the worst location in Baghdad, bar none.

18/12/04 8:10 PM  
Blogger AlanK said...

Hi saleem

just found your blog from ferids

linked to it on my own blog

also have a merry christmas and hope things improve


24/12/04 12:39 PM  

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