Monday, November 15, 2004

The role od media in the war on IRAQ

THE audio and vedio media play a danger role in the war on Iraq because it was always annoucing the achievement of the terorist and how they take this city or kidnap the foriegners that they are come to work wiht the alliance force.
these media were supplied by riched peoples in the Saudia Arabia or from the UAE or other country.the role of Aljazeera channel in Iraq is very dangerous because show the achievment of the Terrorist and falling of the Government in capturing those Terrorist,it give to the Arabian viewer the thing he want to see he want the falling of US army in Iraq and winning the powers of Terrorist in the Iraq and then they try this thing in other countries to enforce thier principles on other peoples may be in Europe or in America exactly.
so we must stop this terrorist channel by fired all the staff of channel and close the officeuntil it stop annoucing and viewing the cassettes that show the operations of the figthers against the US armyDid anyone asked himself why the office of the Alarabiya channel was aimed by a bombed car in Al-Mansour city in the west of Baghdad?
The answer is the channel name the figthers as "TERRORISTS"!!!!IS it now time that who say the truth will be killed ????
The government didnt deal with these events by thee most powerfull force to spot those acts done by others in the coverage of "DEMOCRACY".The internet also play a vital role in declaring communiquesor or viewing the scenes of butchering foreigner peoples work americans as a translators or drivers.95% of the working channels in iraq work as best as it can or pay money to peoples to tell things didnt happened and try to find the mistakes of the forces that work in Iraq,they give the viewer scenes that increase the hating upon the soldiers & always try to show the dark side of invader.The Government in Iraq doesnt have the practicability to control the role of media of Iraq becauseof little payment and the workers are in dangerous from the terrorists so that they cant tell everything or talk comfortably.We must not forgetthe rolew of media in the war on Iraq because it play as a vital role in deciding who will win in the (OPERATION FREEDOM OF IRAQ).
Thank you very very much for every one give his comments because this will increase enthusiasm in myself.



Blogger MonicaR said...

Hello again, Saleem. You and the Iraqi bloggers have saved my opinion of our mission in Iraq. Before I found you all I thought all Iraqis must hate the US and the coalition and felt hopeless about the undertaking. It was portrayed in our media that the Iraqis would rather have SH in charge. I have to say that I am grateful for all of you - for your efforts and telling the world your thoughts and feelings. It doesn't matter that there is criticism for the mistakes as we all know that mistakes are made and war is hell. I can speak for myself and for the people closest to me in my life - we want you to be free and be the ones to make the determination about the future of your country. It is hard work to get a different viewpoint other than what is blared by the NYT here in the US. Most Americans watch the news for 1/2 hour in the evening. They scan the newspaper - maybe. I constantly give people the information to reach your blogs - it is so important to hear more of the story. I spend a couple hours a night surfing the net to get more information - most people won't do that or can't do that. Keep letting the world know what's going on - no matter what is on your mind positive or negative. Take good care of yourself and thanks again.

18/11/04 6:52 AM  
Blogger Brian H said...

The negative media and internet outlets are indeed a problem, but attempting to close or suppress them is something that must be done only with great caution. It is far better to fight them in the media world itself, by putting out better information.

18/11/04 12:33 PM  

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