Thursday, November 18, 2004


The targeting of scientists,professors and Doctors in IRAQ:
I am very gratefull to every one give his opinion about my blogs and this will encourage me to keep on writing.
Today i have another spiny subject, that is the killing,kidnaping or threating the famous scientists or doctors or professors in all branches of thier speciality.
The number of the leaving scientists is a terrifying number either they leave in time of Saddam Hussain or now after the (OPERATION FREEDOM OF IRAQ).
In the time of Saddam the rating were very very low as compared with the neighboring country so most of them leave Iraq and go to America and little more go to Europe and few of them go to the Arabian countries.In these days they leave the Iraq and either stay in Syria or Jordan situation in Iraq become better to comeback to thier works and offices.
The leaving of scientific efficacy form Iraq to other countries cost the Government very much because it decreases the working hand in Iraq.
The migration scientific efficacy is not a normal condition ,there must be someone behind migartion from Iraq,someone trying to obstruct the building and construction in Iraq.
The government msut work as best it could to induce the escapee to come back to Iraq participating in the construction of Iraq because no one anxious on the country unless he was the son of this country, and because they cant find another placeother than their home,their contry.


Blogger Brian H said...

Protection of scientists and other learned people in Iraq is indeed crucial, but it is almost impossible to give each bodyguards, etc. The solution in the end will have to come from the defeat of the terrorists.

18/11/04 12:35 PM  
Blogger davenue said...


Thank you for taking the time to post. We here in the US don't get a very clear picture of what is going on in your county. I really enjoy reading all of the blogs.

What is the general feeling there about the murder of Maraget Hassan?

18/11/04 1:04 PM  
Blogger WC said...


Greetings. I do not blame the scientists and professors (the "intelligensia") for leaving. They are just too tempting of a target. Ignorance is the ally of terrorists and mafia. I suspect that there are many, many Iraqi "expatriots" that will come back as things become better (I pray they do indeed become better). I believe that a similar example is the hundreds of thousands of "expat" Cubans in Florida, USA, who are apparently eager to return to a Castro free Cuba ... even though they have fared well in their adoptive homeland. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. So don't despair. Iraq is a very rich place (resources and people) and time should show a tremendous turning to the better.

18/11/04 4:23 PM  
Blogger Kat said...


Just found your blog from your friend Ferid. It is lovely to read your words. I will agree with some others here, just like in Afghanistan (but hopefully quicker), when the country is stable, the people will return because you are right, when it is your homeland, it is forever your home.

We are with you.

Thank you also for the great information that you have posted here. Looking forward to more information and I hope the electricity improves again. Probably shorted out in some areas because of exposed lines to the rain.

Your friend in Missouri, United States

18/11/04 6:01 PM  
Blogger Pat in NC said...

Saleem, I am hoping that some of those who have left Iraq will return and bring new knowledge and skills with them. I hope that the situation in Iraq does not interfere with your continuing education. Iraq will need all of it's educated people who are willing to work toward a better future and have the education to
understand some of the more complex aspects of getting your nation to fulfill it's great potential. May God bless all Iraqis of good will that you may find peace and security.

20/11/04 7:33 AM  
Blogger Pat in NC said...

I am quite sure many who were left due to the danger to professionals want to come home. In the meantime, they are undoubtedly increasing their knowledge and skills to bring more up to date information home with them. From what I understand, Saddam did not allow free movement for education outside of Iraq and therefore they could not keep up with the latest in their fields of expertise. So it is well that they are at present safe and when they return, they will be better off for having lived and learned elsewhere. God bless Iraq!

12/12/04 7:38 AM  

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