Monday, November 08, 2004

bombed cars

hi again,today i discuss an improtant issue being as usuall thign in the Iraqian life , is the bombered cars that kills the innocent civilians becasue they were in the wrong place and time or they go to do thier job in building Iraq and we see every day many people killed and amny building destroyed.
Yesterday the hit two churches in the south of capitol (Baghdad) !!
why are they aimed the churches ?did they contain ameriacns or cops or ING or members of new army ???
they do this trying to let us leave the iraq and leave the country and make they people of the country evryone in different place, then after they bombed the churches ,bombed car exploded near the Yarmook hospital becajse there were cops near the hospital treating the injured and try to save the hospital peoples from other attacks.
so we must stop these cars because in this month only(Ramadan )more than 40 bombered car explode and more than (300) peoples died or injured ion these attacks in time we need every person in the building and constructing of the iraq.
we stop this river od Iraqian blood and kill all the terrorists in al the city of iraq and the american army with new iraqian army begin this work in faloja and ramadi and then the turn will come on Latifia and Mahmodia and Mosul and Baghdad to start building iraq


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